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Boat Examination FAQs

How do I prepare for the examination?

Advice on how to prepare your boat for a BSS Examination can be found here :-

How far in advance can I book my examination?

You can book and have an Examination carried out up to two months before the current certificate expires. The new certificate will be post-dated to expire 4 years from the expiry of the current certificate, so there is no need to delay.

What happens if my boat doesn’t pass?

Should you boat fail then you have three months to make it compliant, in which the re-test is free. After 3 months then a complete examination is required at the standard cost.

Do I need to be present?

Not necessarily entirely up to you, however we do recommend it, if there are any problems finding/ identifying or clarifying anything if you are there it makes it a lot easier.

How long will the examination take?

Please allow 3 hours as a minimum.

How far can you travel?

The first 30 miles is free from either Bedford or Rugby which ever is the nearest, then it is 35p per mile.

How much does it cost for an examination?

£180 (plus mileage if applicable)

There is a discount for boats with no gas systems on board.


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